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Helping caregivers understand the need behind the behavior

Parenting Coach and TBRI® Educator

Being a parent of a typical child is a hard job. When complicated by the impact of trauma in early years, it can be filled with nearly impossible days.  The result is hurting parents and hurting children, and consequently, a home with extreme behaviors. Often, I find parents are surprised it is not just their child's conduct that concerns them, but as much it is their own reactions to the child's behavior. This isn't a journey to be made alone!

My heart is to come alongside you as you unravel the complicated behavior in your home.  When armed with a knowledge of the impact of trauma we can collaborate to create solutions through strategies which address connection, physical needs, and by learning new ways to correct behaviors.   

Through trauma responsive parenting, you can create a home which offers a safe place of healing for your child and your family.  Utilizing Trust Based Relational Intervention® skills, based on attachment and trauma informed care, we can brainstorm ways to understand the needs behind your child's behavior.

Michelle Batten, MS                                           

TBRI® Educator and ACPI Certified Parent Coach

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Foster parent online training

Foster parent training is often bundled into the services of other parents who are loving children from hard places. This is a place where you can find a community of other foster parents and the training you need on demand.

Tuesday night live online support group available now!

Parent Coaching using TBRI®

Help along the way… As a TBRI® Educator and parent coach, my knowledge of child development and training in Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) allows me to come alongside parents and caregivers to unravel the complicated behaviors presented by your child who has experienced trauma. As you learn about TBRI®, we will collaborate to create solutions which apply TBRI® principles and strategies and discover the need behind your child's behaviors.

Play and Learn Group© for families

It is never easy to change our parenting. Teaching children the language and skills of TBRI® utilizing play helps the entire family make changes together. The Family Play and Learn Group© allows practice and mastery of TBRI® skills for the entire family in the comfort of your home.

TBRI® Caregiver Training for parents and professionals

TBRI® Caregiver training provides in depth training utilizing a curriculum developed by the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development. I can help train adoptive and foster parents, schools, and other professionals working with children from hard places to learn more about providing trauma informed care.

Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.
— Mr. Rogers