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Michelle Batten, MS

My training:

  • TBRI® Educator

  • ACPI Certified Parent Coach with specialized focus in trauma

  • MS in Human Development and Family Studies

  • MS student in Clinical Mental Health at Grand Canyon University

How this will help you:

  • I will help you define the need behind the behavior;

  • I will help you create a home with a healing environment through learning TBRI® skills;

  • Together we can discover of how your child's story is impacting behavior;

  • I have compassion for the difficulty of raising a child from a hard place;

  • I will help you explore creative parenting solutions;

  • I will help laughter and play back to your home.

  • For those in Boise, Idaho, and surrounding areas I can help you master TBRI® skills through a play based family group.

    My Story

    Growing up with an adopted sister and numerous foster siblings caused me to wonder why for some children, love and a good education was not enough to heal the wounds of early years.  Because of the experiences I had growing up, I am passionate about helping parents and caregivers creatively meet the complex needs of children from hard places through the use of TBRI® 

    My sister, who came to our home at 11 months of age, always battled the lie of neglect whispered to her soul as an infant: “You’re just not worth it.”  By my teen years, my sister’s extreme behavior caused me to wonder how it was that trauma in early life prevented a hurt child from understanding the love from my parents the same way I understood it. This question was much of what propelled me to  study child development at the masters level. I learned much about the impact of relational trauma on overall child development but was still left wondering about how to bring healing and hope to families.

    As one who believes in a God who restores, I was left with a burning question of faith: Where was the healing for the child from a hard place?  What I often saw in children who had experienced neglect and abuse was an inability to connect with people and to regulate emotions.  Unfortunately, this was often reflected in extreme behaviors. As a result, few found wholeness and restoration when they had experienced trauma in early years.  It was in this season of deep questioning which I discovered Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®). TBRI® married my belief in restoration and healing and my understanding of complex developmental trauma. 

    TBRI®, developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross, is based on developmental theory and offers a way to bring healing to the whole child through the context of relationship. TBRI® pulled together my education in child development with my faith in a God who heals through relationships. This researched based intervention has given me a way to come alongside families in crisis who are struggling bringing healing to children from hard places.  

    Through understanding the impact of trauma on the brain parents can restore language, sensory processing and coping skills.  The journey is difficult and I look forward to walking alongside you!

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