Frequently Asked Questions


What are your costs?

This is always the first question…and it is understandable! In attempt to address each families educational I like to customize a package after we have talked. I am happy to send you my price list and how I structure my services, but please know I am always willing to structure our sessions so that they are affordable for you.

Where do we meet?

I have found that meeting in a family’s home is best. If you do not live in the Boise, Idaho, area then we can meet via phone or Zoom.

Who has to be a part of this?

I think it is best for all parents to be involved in training. I have found couples gain valuable insight into the other parent’s style and grow together in their parenting when both invest. If you are a single parent, is there another person who provides care for your child? This might be a good time to invite them into your journey!

Do you work with just foster and adoptive families?

No. I have found that TBRI is a fabulous parenting tool for any family. Most of my clients are foster and adoptive parents, but any trauma in early childhood requires unique parenting.