Here’s what others have said…


Michelle has been such a gift to our family! She has given me new insight into the needs behind my daughter’s behaviors and how to help her through these in a more connected way. This has led to a significant shift in my parenting perspective which has transformed my relationship with my daughter in beautiful ways. In times I entered a session with Michelle feeling discouraged by situations with my daughter, I always left encouraged and full of hope with new tools to implement. Michelle has also helped me process through and understand some of the “whys” behind my own feelings and responses to my daughter. Although we still have struggles, I’m confident that I am more often responding to them in a way that promotes healing in my daughter’s heart rather than causing further dysregulation or disconnect. I cannot recommend Michelle Batten enough! I am truly grateful for her encouragement and gentle wisdom and insight.

— J.B., Adoptive parent

We are so blessed to have Michelle LOCAL! So many TBRI and trauma parenting resources are far away, but Michelle is here and ready to come along side families. She has helped our family learn so much about TBRI® and parenting trauma. Not only for our adopted child, but our biological kids and medical trauma kids too!

— J.S. , adoptive and foster parent

Michelle and I connected and continued to grow together on this journey of becoming more and more educated and trained in TBRI. She has been a true inspiration for my own professional growth. The love and heart she has for children from hard places and their families is admirable, to say the least! She has often kept me grounded when I’ve felt overwhelmed on my own journey of education and parenting. I recommend her over and over again and refer many of my clients or colleagues to her as a powerful resource. I consider myself blessed to call her a friend and colleague in this field, as she inspires hope where people are often left feeling hopeless.

— Beth Loyd, MS, LCPC, NCC, TBRI Educator

Our school was so blessed by the insight provided during our training session on TBRI. Understanding how a child responds to various situations and truly defining what a “fight” or “flight” response looks like has helped our campus build a better understanding of students and how to come along side them while encouraging growth. We loved having Michelle share with us and look forward to future training with her!

— Lisa M., Director of Student Academic Support