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Learn more about TBRI® Parent Coaching 

  • Weekly phone coaching

  • Personalized TBRI® strategies

  • Access to TBRI® video library

Weekly phone coaching

As a TBRI® Educator and ACPI® Parent Coach I will come alongside you to help you navigate this difficult journey of parenting a child from a hard place.  One hour sessions can be scheduled at your convenience.


Personalized TBRI® strategies

During our coaching sessions we will explore challenging behaviors while using TBRI® principles to understand the needs behind your child's extreme behaviors.

Access to TBRI® video library

Learn at your own pace utilizing my TBRI® digital video library.


Learn more about TBRI® Caregiver  Training

  • TBRI® Caregiver Training in person or via video conferencing

  • Customized to your needs

  • On your time



In person


As a TBRI® Educator, I am able to provide TBRI® Caregiver Training, a curriculum developed by the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development. We can meet in person or via video conferencing at your convenience.


The curriculum can be adapted to your parenting needs.  We can dive into the details of TBRI®  strategies to help you understand how to Connect, Empower and Correct principles.

Customized curriculum


On your time

Whether your time and budget allow for only a few weeks or for an extended time, I will design a plan for your needs. I have evening, Saturday and daytime appointments available.